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  • Are loom pop's products handmade?
    The garments themselves are sourced from multiple suppliers but the design treatments are all done by hand. We either paint, screen print, or embroider all the garments by hand. This is why not all products are identical to one another and may have minor imperfections. All products are manually heat set as well.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Unfortunately not, we are only able to ship within the UAE.
  • Can I get my own art on a jacket?
    It usually depends on the type of artwork and whether it will translate properly with the kind of techniques we use, but if it's possible, definetely! This would fall under the customize section on our website. Please feel free to email us at for more details.
  • How do I customize an order?
    To customize an order or create a unique design of your choice, please send an email to to begin the design process. Once your design is settled, you can purchase the garment you like on our "Customize" page. Depending on the complexity of the design, we will inform you which option to choose from.
  • Can I provide my own denim jacket and would it be cheaper?
    Yes, you can choose to supply your own denim jacket if it meets the criteria of the design but keep in mind that you will be responsibe for courier costs with sending the jacket. The final price of the jacket will be determined based on the complexity of the design but most of the times is overal cheaper as we don't charge for the jacket. This is all discussed and agreed upon during the designing phase when choosing to customize a garment.
  • How long does a customized order take?
    A customized order depending on the complexity of the design can take about 7 -14 days. Some orders can arrive earlier and if your order is going to take longer, you will be notified beforehand. Should there be any unexpected delays with our courier service provider, we ask for your understanding with this as we cannot be held accountable on thier behalf.
  • Can you design any character concept?
    If you would like an original design or a specific concept, you have the option to "customize" an order. Depending on the complexity and whether the concept can be translated onto a garment, this is something that is definitely possible but may require a longer delivery period.
  • How do I wash my jacket/t-shirt/sweatshirt?
    Each item is different and when purchasing, we ask that you read the description for specific instuctions. Because of the nature of the work that goes into the garments, we ask that you hand wash items delicately in cold water and allow to gently soak. Do not scrub, or machine wash items. Allow to dry flat. Do not tumble dry. Iron on reverse low heat.
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